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AdaptiveExchange is a new solution for private and public online exchanges
What is AdaptiveExchange™?
AdaptiveExchange is a new solution for private and public online exchanges. It provides the value-added functionality and differentiation necessary to gain traction and liquidity in today's competitive landscape. AdaptiveExchange helps today's online business-to-business exchanges optimize their trading activity. AdaptiveExchange creates a symmetric exchange in which participants – both buyers and sellers – define the terms in which they choose to do business. AdaptiveExchange allows participant buyers and sellers to incorporate enterprise-wide factors and dynamic market conditions into their trading decisions and to maximize their opportunities. Our solution also dynamically matches and/or aggregates buyers and sellers to optimize the business objectives of the exchange's owners. AdaptiveExchange is based on our Adaptive Trading Engine™, which uses our state-of-the-art Adaptive Decision Optimization Technologies.

The AdaptiveExchange Solution
AdaptiveExchange is a powerful solution combining the Adaptive Trading Engine and a customized Exchange interface so each participant can model its unique business environment and trading requirements. The Adaptive Trading Engine is a powerful tool that enables exchanges to incorporate real-time decision support into the trading engine. It integrates into the participants' enterprise resource planning, supply chain management, e-commerce, and sell-side systems. As a result, the engine allows online exchange participants to model a unique optimization problem for each specific trading situation. The engine's technology is so advanced, it allows the online exchanges' participants to optimize their trading decisions in the presence of very large amounts of data. Participants are also enabled to trade across multiple trading paradigms (online catalogs, auctions, reverse auctions, etc.) simultaneously.

AdaptiveExchange provides tools for buyers or sellers to quickly model any business environment and incorporate their enterprise-wide business data into the online trading process. AdaptiveExchange can be customized to fit each participant's corporate environment and vertical industry, while optimizing the business objectives of the exchange. AdaptiveExchange provides a simple graphical interface that uses plain business language for buyers and sellers. By offering the AdaptiveExchange solution, an exchange enables its users to input data, and then solve for the optimal decision based on its primary needs: inventory turns, profit margins, return on assets, price, or any combination of variables. When the engine runs, it incorporates variables from a wide range of enterprise-wide factors and dynamic market conditions to arrive at the optimal trading recommendation.

AdaptiveExchange Benefits
When AdaptiveExchange is integrated into your online exchange, you dramatically boost the intelligence of your e-marketplace. AdaptiveExchange enables your participants to make mission-critical decisions in real time, utilizing the most current data that's available to them. With AdaptiveExchange you can deliver powerful results to your participants:

  • Exchanges can ensure that transactions within their marketplace optimize the business objectives of the exchange such as buy/sell spreads, trade rebates, transaction fees
  • Symmetric exchange allows both buyers and suppliers to achieve their business objectives
  • Buyer and supplier bundles can flexibly and dynamically be unbundled and intelligently re-bundled increasing trade possibilities
  • Product offerings can be automatically packaged and customized based on individual buyer needs or overall marketplace demand
  • Buyer demand or supplier offerings can be aggregated to improve possibilities of trade occurring and the value of participating in the trade
  • Buyers can leverage aggregated demand, including quantities, preferences, and objectives
  • Participants can reduce their total cost of goods
  • Participants can capture and incorporate a virtually unlimited number of internal and external factors that should be weighed in the trading decision (i.e., logistics, finance, manufacturing, taxes, vendor reliability)
  • Buyers can eliminate the manual search of electronic catalogs
  • Participants can dramatically reduce sourcing and allocation analysis
  • Buyers can break purchases into logical bundles and transact bundles across mixed trading methods (online catalogs, auctions, reverse auctions, etc.) as makes sense.

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