Active Harmonic Cancellation Filter

Source: Current Technology
This product serves as a solution to the myriad problems
Current Technologyt serves as a solution to the myriad problems created by excessive harmonic current. The patented Harmonix active cancellation filter handles the constantly changing harmonic currents inherent in today's busy facilities. It is easy to upgrade and automatically adapts to all changing facility loads. The models provide effective filtering without forming a resonant circuit with the source impedance. Engineered for fast and simple installation in existing or new facilities, it is connected in parallel with the building's power network to eradicate all zero-sequence harmonics from the phases and neutral upstream in the distribution system, thereby safeguarding mission-critical equipment from the following:

•Overheating of transformers, neutrals and connectors
•Waveform distortion
•Destruction of computer components
•Burned relay contacts
•Equipment malfunction
•Blown fuses
•Low power factors
•Increased energy costs
•Breaker tripping
•Motor overheating
•Increased ground potential
•High voltage differential

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