ABB's 266HSH Modbus® Pressure/Temperature Transmitter


ABB continues to strengthen its pressure / temperature product portfolio with the newest release of the 266HSH Transmitter now with Modbus®. 

This intelligent 266 Modbus® transmitter provides the user with precise measurements of gauge pressure and optional process temperature (the latter by means of an externally connected Pt100 resistance temperature detector), in a single device. Information is available to any host device that can communicate using Modbus® protocol.

Individual device Modbus® addresses can easily be configured using the optional keypad/display or using the XMV interface application in the ABB Totalflow flow computers or Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) devices. The combination of ABB Totalflow flow computers or RTU devices and one or more ABB 266 Modbus® Transmitter makes an ideal solution.

You can learn more by visiting our website at for an overview of the Pressure / Temperature Transmitter product family and for downloads of the Data Sheet, Operating Instructions, and other documents. 

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