News | July 31, 2009

ABB Enhances Process Analyzer Series With Greenhouse Gas Monitoring Capabilities


Houston, TX -- ABB, the leading power and automation technology company, announced upgrade solutions for the popular Advance Optima AO2000 Series Continuous Gas Analyzers (CGA), which expand monitoring capability to include CO2 greenhouse gas emissions measurement to address expected US EPA environmental compliance requirements.

The regulations will impact reporting requirements for cement kilns, nitric acid plants, power generation, incinerators, refineries and petrochemical plants.

A full range of upgrade options are available to meet site and application specific requirements. Upgrade options for non-ABB analyzers are available upon request.

Installation and commissioning services for all upgrades can be implemented on-site by ABB factory-certified service engineers.

For over 20 years, ABB has demonstrated its commitment to providing technical solutions for environmental compliance measurements. With its US Analytics Product and Service Center in Houston, access to global support resources, R&D and factory support, and partners in all areas of the United States, ABB has proven expertise and experience to understand and meet the global requirements of greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting and assist with the most convenient and economical solutions. ABB provides new systems and upgrades for existing Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS) to include CO2 for GHG gas reporting.

ABB continuous gas analyzers accurately measure emissions at very low levels to establish, maintain and prove compliance. Built for reliability, ease of maintenance, sensitivity, and flexibility, these analyzers are engineered to work with the plant’s specific stream compositions and within designated measurement ranges.

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ABB Measurement & Analytics