Datasheet | March 25, 2009

9240 Multi-Channel Sodium Analyzer

Source: Hach Company

The Hach 9240 multi-channel sodium analyzer provides low level sodium measurement in high purity water applications for up to four channels. With a detection limit of 0.01ppb and a range of 0 to 10,000 ppb, this analyzer is ideally suited for monitoring sodium in demineralized water, boiler feedwater, condensate and all parts of the steam/water cycle. Other industrial applications such and process water in the semiconductor industry requiring effective sodium monitoring will also benefit form using this analyzer.


  • Sodium measurement detection limit of 0.01ppb
  • Integrated 1 to 4 channels with optimized rinsing sequence
  • 100 days between reagent changes
  • Automatic reactivation ensures optimum response time and performance; no acid etching required
  • Easy to operate and maintain with automatic calibration
  • Cation kit allows for sample pH between 2 to 10 pH


Hach 9240 sodium analyzers included reagents, maintenance kit, installation kit, and user manual.