Datasheet | January 30, 2009

8362sc High Purity Water pH Panel

Source: Hach Company

The Hach 8362 sc High Purity Water pH/ORP Panel is designed for use in electric power generation, industrial boiler, pharmaceutical, microelectronics, and other applications that require excellent accuracy when measuring pH or ORP in ultrapure water.

The 8362 sc High Purity Water pH/ORP Panel uses a selfpressurizing reference electrode that introduces a constant flow of electrolyte into the sample stream. Constant flow of electrolyte reduces the effects of electrolyte oscillations that cause reference junction potential phase shifts that are found in other measuring systems.

The housing for the electrodes is made of electro-polished stainless steel and polymethyl metacrylate (PMMA). The unique conductive flow chamber greatly reduces the effects of streaming currents that cause drift in pH/ORP measurements in high purity water.