3M(TM) Particulate Respirator 9210 and 9211, N95

Source: 3M Occupational Health & Environmental Safety
3M(TM) Particulate Respirator 9210 and 9211, N95
3M(TM) Particulate Respirator 9210 and 9211, N95

Our new three-panel N95 Particulate Respirators 9210 and 9211 are well-suited
for work settings that involve heat, humidity, or long periods of wear.
Applications include: dry chemical handling, bagging, powder handling,
grinding, sanding, general maintenance, and other dusty operations.

Features and Benefits include

  • Compact design requires less storage space when not in use

  • Individually wrapped to prevent contamination before use

  • Contained in convenient dispenser box for easy dispensing

  • Soft comfortable lining provides a comfortable feel against the

  • Soft foam around the nose bridge provides a comfortable, secure fit
    around the nose and reduces eyewear fogging

  • Fits comfortably under the chin.

  • Cool Flow(TM) exhalation valve (9211 only) reduces the buildup of heated
    and humid air inside the respirator

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