Newsletter | January 7, 2021

01.07.21 -- 10 Essentials To Specify A Thermal Mass Gas Flow Meter Successfully

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Bardac LF 18: A Novel Cooling Water Algaecide

The active ingredient in Bardac LF 18 is dioctyl dimethyl ammonium chloride. This product comes in two concentrations: -10 WT (10 percent w/w) and -50 WT (50 percent w/w). Several chemical properties of this product yield key benefits that set it apart from other industrial cooling water products. It is a quaternary ammonium compound (quat). Quats are typically low-cost and highly effective biocides for a broad spectrum of organisms.

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Electro-Pneumatic Positioners
Smart electro-pneumatic positioners form the vital link between the control system and the valve. Electro-pneumatic positioners from ABB incorporates auto-adjust to reduce commissioning time and an adaption program provides for optimal control of the position until set point is reached.
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ABB Measurement & Analytics
PI System

Move from complexity to simplicity, from asset and process intelligence to operational intelligence with the PI System. Its highly scalable, open data infrastructure empowers enterprises in real time, transforming operational data into actionable knowledge and business transformation.

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