Optical Time Domain Reflectometer: FTE7000A OTDR

Source: Terahertz Technologies Inc.

Optical Time Domain Reflectometer: FTE7000A OTDR

The FTE-7000A is an optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) that features instant-on and immediate scan functionality. This model also includes an integrated Video Scope with a pass/fail grading map, an AutoTest/AutoWave power meter, and a CW/Fiber identifier light source.

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This OTDR has a 36dB dynamic range and a 1 meter dead zone. It’s ideal for testing and troubleshooting in LAN, MAN, and WAN applications. The FTE7000A’s bright 4” color touchscreen is easy to use, and its Fib-R-Map schematic event analysis, pass/fail threshold setting, and onboard context sensitivity help new users get to learn the unit quickly.

The FTE7000A OTDR comes in a hardened, water-resistant enclosure and its rubber boot with bail adds additional protection. For additional information, download the datasheet.

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