News | July 28, 2014

Novinda Announces Oxidation Product For Mercury Emission Control

DENVER--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Novinda Corporation, a leader in non-carbon mercury removal solutions, today announced a new product designed to provide low cost oxidation of vapor phase mercury, and enhance the mercury removal performance of wet scrubbers in coal-fired power plants. Complementing Novinda’s award-winning mercury removal product portfolio, the new product, Amended Silicates™- Ox (AS-Ox)is specifically designed to increase mercury oxidation in the flue gas without utilizing corrosive halogen chemicals and prevent re-emission of captured mercury from wet scrubbers.

In many coal-fired power plants, oxidized mercury can be substantially removed by the plant’s wet scrubbers. However, variations in coal supply, the plant’s load cycling, and a wet scrubber’s propensity to re-emit mercury can result in inconsistent compliance with the mercury capture requirements of the EPA’s Mercury & Air Toxics Standards (MATS).

AS-Ox is a low cost product, injected into the flue gas as a fine powder, enabling active management of mercury oxidation without requiring scrubber re-emission agents or corrosive chemicals. This product increases the operator’s direct control over mercury removal with a single non-corrosive chemical product.

“We’ve heard clearly the power utilities’ concerns about passive or corrosive mercury oxidation products that can’t be adapted to operations or destroy plant components with extended usage or that still require re-emission additive products,” said Jim Butz, Novinda’s Vice President of Product Management. “AS-Ox is designed to provide the best of all worlds – adaptive mercury control without corrosion or re-emission from wet scrubbers.”

“We’re excited to launch this product, extending our portfolio of mercury control products and solutions for the power utility industry,” said Ed Williams, CEO of Novinda. “The Novinda team remains committed to developing and adapting innovative technologies to address the industry’s environmental compliance and minimize the economic impact to the power company and its customers.”

In full-scale power plant testing, non-corrosive AS-Ox has consistently achieved mercury oxidation objectives without the mercury re-emission issues associated with some wet scrubber operations, eliminating the need for additive scrubber chemicals.

About Novinda

Denver, Colorado-based Novinda Corporation is a leader in developing and commercializing innovative technologies that facilitate air quality and environmental compliance, while minimizing the economic and environmental impact to power generation companies and their customers. Novinda’s family of non-carbon, air quality mercury control products based on the Amended Silicates mineral platform have received multiple awards for innovation and environmental impact, including most recently the 2014 R&D 100 Award for Environmental Technologies. For more information, visit

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