Datasheet | January 22, 2014

HGM Pump Datasheet

Source: KSB, Inc.

HGM – Horizontal, Multistage High-pressure Ring-section Pump

• Handling feed water in power stations
• Handling boiler feed water and condensate in industrial plants

Service friendly design
Product-lubricated plain bearings make for a short bearing span, which ensures a long bearing life and optimum smooth running. The pump is clear of oil and grease, and the compact design of the pump is space-saving and service friendly. The pump can be disassembled and reassembled from either side.

Optimized hydraulic performance
Optimized pump hydraulic systems designed for top efficiencies. The axial inlet make for low NPSH values, therefore minimizing the investment cost of the RO system.

Easy maintenance, low spare parts costs
The pump has only one mechanical seal, which reduces the cost and stock of spare parts. As there is no bearing bracket, the mechanical seal can be replaced easily, if required.

Faster and lower-cost installation, reduced operating costs
This pump does not require any vibration or temperature monitoring. Supply systems for oil-lubricated bearings are not needed, the pump is fully self-sufficient.

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