Brochure | January 22, 2014

Heat Transfer Engineering Brochure

Source: KSB, Inc.

One of the principles of our success, especially in heat transfer engineering, is to identify market requirements at an early stage and meet them by developing appropriate technical solutions. Where heat transfer systems are concerned, our complete knowhow flows into providing 100 % reliable, leakage-free thermal oil handling and preventing costly downtimes. Innovative, sealless mag-drive and canned motor pumps, conventional pump sets with extended cooling distance and high temperature resistant valve type series from KSB surpass the requirements laid down in standards.

The understandable demand to save energy, in particular, has greatly influenced our recent development work. From our pumps’ optimised combination of motor and hydraulic system to the standard use of IE2 motors, speed control and the optimised flow paths developed for our valves, we enable our customers to plan their heat transfer systems with energy efficiency in mind. 

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