News | December 14, 1998

Five Turkish Projects to Use GE Turbines

By Stephen Heiser

S&S Energy Products (SSEP) announced at the Power-Gen '98 show in Orlando, FL that five projects in Turkey that use GE LM aeroderivative gas turbines will be in commercial operation by the end of this month. Each site features gas turbine-generator sets sold and packaged by SSEP, which has supplied a total of 12 GE LM gas turbines for projects throughout Turkey. The following are the five projects, using a total of six GE LM gas turbines, that are in service or are slated to be operational by the end of this year in Turkey.

  • Ataer Elektrik

  • Bis Energi, Bursa
  • ENTEK, Bursa
  • Nuh Çimento, Hereke
  • Zorlu Enerji, Bursa
  • Other Turkish Projects

    Ataer Elektrik
    This GE LM6000 aeroderivative gas turbine-based power plant was built in an industrial park for Ataer Elektrik Uretim Otoproduksiyon A.S. in Cigli, Izmir, Turkey. Ataer Elektrik is a company formed by members of the Atatúrk Organized Industrial Zone with the purpose of producing electricity and steam in the industrial region. The gas turbine features SSEP's unique dual-fuel naphtha fuel system. Diesel fuel is used to start up the unit. The plant began simple-cycle operation in August 1998, and as of November had accumulated over 830 fired hours. It is expected to be converted within a year to combined-cycle cogeneration configuration with the addition of the same type and capacity gas turbine, two waste heat boilers and a steam turbine.

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    Bis Energi, Bursa
    SSEP supplied a GE LM6000 gas turbine-generator set to Bis Enerji Elektrik Uretimi Otoproduktor Grubu A.S. of Bursa. The unit is used at the Bisen combined-cycle cogeneration power plant to provide power and steam for textile manufacturers, Bisas Group and Nergis Group. The LM6000 began commercial service in July 1998, and as of November had logged more than 2,300 fired hours. The LM6000 is used with a GE LM5000 STIG (STeam Injected Gas turbine system) and a GE Frame 6 gas turbine which have been operating at the plant since 1993 and 1997, respectively. The LM5000 STIG gas turbine-generator set, which has not been operating using the STIG function, was provided by SSEP. With the addition of the LM6000 and at full combined-cycle operation, the plant provides 40 to 60 tons per hour (t/hr) of low pressure steam and 50 t/hr of hot water for textile processing. In 1999, the LM5000 will run with the STIG system, and together with the steam turbine-generator, total plant electrical output will increase to 174 megawatts from 93 megawatts.

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    ENTEK, Bursa
    SSEP provided ENTEK A.S., Istanbul with two LM6000 aeroderivative gas turbine-generators for its cogeneration plant in Bursa. ENTEK A.S. was established to handle the responsibilities of developing this nominal 106-megawatt combined-cycle power plant. ENTEK A.S. consists of 80% KOC Group, Istanbul, one of the world's largest industrial corporations, and 20% SONMEZ Holding, Bursa, which encompasses 29 associations in various industrial sectors such as textiles, building and communications. The new power plant is adjacent to the TOFAS/KOC automotive factory and the SONMEZ textile factory. The power plant will produce 15,000 to 120,000 kilograms per hour of process steam. All steam and electricity will be used for processing operations. The power plant is expected to begin commercial operation in December 1998.

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    Nuh Çimento, Hereke
    SSEP supplied a GE LM2500+ gas turbine-generator package for this new combined-cycle cogeneration facility built adjacent to a cement factory owned by Nuh Çimento. The 40-megawatt plant is planned to begin commercial service in December 1998. The facility is situated between the City of Kocaeli and the Town of Gebze, and is about 300 meters from the Gulf of Izmit. The LM2500+ is site-rated at 26 megawatts and will be fueled by natural gas with naphtha as back-up. The gas turbine is configured for single-shaft combined-cycle operation, with a 12.5-megawatt steam turbine and the gas turbine powering the same generator.

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    Zorlu Enerji, Bursa
    As part of a three-company consortium, SSEP provided power generation equipment and turnkey services to Zorlu Enerji Elektrik Uretimi Grubu A.S., Bursa. The equipment includes a LM2500+ aeroderivative gas turbine that is used by Zorlu Enerji for a captive 35-megawatt combined-cycle plant in Bursa to supply electricity to its sister company, Korteks, a textile manufacturer. The LM2500+ power plant began commercial operation in August 1998, and as of November had logged 700 fired hours. SSEP also provided Zorlu Enerji with an LM6000 gas turbine-generator sets which will join the LM2500+ at the same site. When the LM6000 begins commercial operation in the first quarter of 1999 at this Bursa location, the total plant output will increase to 90 megawatts.

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    Other Turkish Projects
    SSEP also provided a second LM6000 to Zorlu Enerji for another power plant in Luleburgaz. This LM6000 is being added to an existing cogeneration facility that already has two industrial gas turbines in service. With the LM6000 operating, total installed capacity for the plant will be 61 megawatts of electricity and 110 t/hr of steam. Steam will be used for textile processing. Commercial operation of the LM6000 at this site is slated for the first quarter of 1999. Zorlu Enerji also has an option for a second LM6000 for the Luleburgaz site.

    Two additional SSEP-packaged LM2500 gas turbines, owned by Ak-Enerji, have been operating since 1993 at two separate sites in Yalova and Cerkezkoy.

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