Newsletter | May 29, 2014

05.29.14 -- Construction Of The World's Largest Single-Axis Photovoltaic Plant Completed

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Continuous Silica Monitoring In A Power Plant
By Hach Company
New plant designs and technological developments in the power industry are leading to greater efficiency in converting fossil fuels to energy. Leveraging these technologies (once-through boilers, for example) allows plants to operate at higher temperatures and higher pressure, which increases the energy output while decreasing the amount of fuel required. This has allowed many new plants to attain efficiency measurements nearing 50 percent. This is important, not only to optimize the running of the plant, but due to the reduced amount of fuel required, increasing the efficiency 1 percent can lead to a reduction in CO2 emissions of 3 percent.
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Exclusive KSB Design Boosts Efficiency In Industrial Power Settings
In addition to valves for the ASME and API markets, KSB also supplies a full range of high- and low-pressure gate, globe, check, ball, and diaphragm valves designed to ISO and EN standards. The latest focal point of the KSB Valve portfolio is the ZTS Gate Valves with Pressure Seal Bonnet.
Eraring Power Station Saves Money With Water Reclamation
Australia's Eraring Power Station, owned by Eraring Energy, needed to treat secondary sewage from the nearby Dora Creek municipal wastewater plant for recycle as high-quality boiler feedwater. The power plant was sharing potable water with 25,000 homes, resulting in an intermittent supply. Secondary sewage needed to be piped 10 miles (17 kilometers) to a sea outfall.
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Construction Of The World's Largest Single-Axis Photovoltaic Plant Completed
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