Freeware | August 19, 2000

AC Circuits Challenge Version 4.0b

Source: ETCAI Products
AC CIRCUITS CHALLENGE - This educational program consists of fourteen computer-based activities to help you teach AC circuit analysis and troubleshooting. The activities are designed to supplement classroom instruction, textbook assignments and computer tutorials. New component values and circuit parameters are generated each time an activity is used. This increases interest and prevents simple memorization. Activities are graded and scored immediately to reinforce and encourage learning. Context sensitive help is available to provide formulas and procedures in most exercises. Grades can be stored on diskettes or printed at the conclusion of each activity. This program is for use on computers running Windows 98, 95 or NT. Activity titles included in the program are AC Voltage Conversion, Transformers, Series and Parallel Capacitors, Series and Parallel Inductors, RL Series Circuits, RL Parallel Circuits, RC Series Circuits, RC Parallel Circuits, RLC Series Circuits, RLC Parallel Circuits, Series Resonance, Parallel Resonance, Troubleshooting Simple AC Circuits and Troubleshooting Transformer Circuits.

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